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I wore her locket. 

She bore my mother. 

Two women 

Brighter, stronger, linked closer. Connected, beyond. 

I am proud to be yours

And wear our shared memories like a charm.

In all directions, I will think of you:

at elevenses, when tea comes in a china cup, 

when I pass Paddington, bear hug,

taste limoncello, drink wine at lunch,

when I cook for one or seven or 19,

when I hear the words, 'blether', or 'bonnie' or 'och!'

When I buy a jacket I don't need,

read a romance,

when I travel.

When I am small but fierce, like you.


For my Nani, Betty Haldane Speedie.



The translucence is time travel – seeing from one place in time to another, and into other parts of the world. Walking through a life all at once, to scale. Where he dropped keys, tied shoelaces, picked up his daughter, put a heavy shopping bag down for a moment. Checked the text he just got coming in out of the rain. You can see each hallway, each corridor, each hub, from the other, stretching into his past or present, knowing the future will be different again, yet much the same. These spaces are universal. The things we do in them, recognisable, comforting. The entrance-way, the exit. Two things at once. It's empty, solo, but it's also community. My Scottish friend calls spaces...

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September 7, 2017

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