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Etsy copywriter and 'transcreator'

I copywrite for handmade and vintage shopping website, Etsy, often 'transcreating' content from US English to more UK-friendly messaging. I've also organised print work for their press events. Lately, I've been writing email newsletter copy for events such as Mother's Day, blog posts for launches – such as Etsy X Olivia Rubin – and advised on the UK style guide for tone of voice.

I've also been asked to get involved with creative concepting for campaigns that start in the UK, working with the European team in Berlin. Etsy Resolution, below, was a drive to encourage new sellers to sign up on the platform for free coaching at the start of the year. 'What will you make of 2016' was one of four ideas I pitched. 

Another fun job I've had for Etsy was the Mug Type personality quiz for their press events in the UK, shown below.

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